Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the go

Feb. 23 2008- 83.1kg, 30.1% Body fat, BMI 27.8

Oct. 19 2008- 72.0kg, 23.1% Body fat, BMI24.1 (before running 13.1miles)

Still no job, but at least I'm getting in shape. To be honest, other than the no money thing- getting shit-canned has been the best experience in my life. Haven't drank in 2and a half months, I can get up at 5am every morning to run at least 10K, I've been studying for the 2kyu Japanese accounting exam and 3kyu Business law exam to beef up my resume and have had some good interviews with 2 companies. Come Wednesday it's time to cash in on that unemployment insurance I've paid into for 7 years- more adventures to come.

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Mandy said...

Good luck on the job search and all of those exams. Take care of yourself.